Wired Networking

Yomail is committed to providing dependable Network Design to growing businesses. With Network Services that is better mapped to your everyday business processes, you can finally focus on running your business. We offer the IT Services that can drive your business to become more profitable, productive, and stress-free..

Our goal is to simplify your IT Support requirements and provide the services you need, by doing this we are able to create a better IT experience.

CAT 5e

Today's most common choice for voice and data cabling. Cat 5e can be laid to reach a maximum length of 100 metres and can handle data transfer up to 1000 Mbps.

CAT 6 and 6a

Growing in popularity and backward compatible with CAT 5e. Cat 6/6a cables allow faster data transfer than CAT 5 cables with a maximum of 55 metres when used for 10GBASE-T There is a common misinterpretation that by laying Cat6 cables, an all gigabit network will automatically be in place. But this is only the case if every single element within that network is gigabit enabled, as a network will always run at the speed of the slowest piece of equipment

Main Benefits:

Secured, more difficult to steal.

Reliable, unafacted by the environment

Scalable, can be extended

Ease of Use, no scanning 4 available networks

CAT 5e
Per Network Point
  • What's Included?
  • Keystone Jack
  • Cable Connector
  • Connector Jacket
  • Network Cable Tag
CAT 6/6a
Per Network Point
  • What's Included?
  • Keystone Jack
  • Cable Connector
  • Connector Jacket
  • Network Cable Tag

Wireless Networking

We design high power, high capacity wireless networks that are easy to manage.

Easy to use, with Multipple SSIDs

Centrally managed

Suitable for any business

Integrated POE Support

Residential WiFi System

Blanket your home, campus, office building, motel or warehouse with WiFi network for seamless connectivity!

Easy to use, Centrally Managed

9508s Wireless Routers

Seamless Wifi Roaming

Wide Coverage Up to 12 rooms

Business WiFi System

We Design The Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems for the mobile age & beyond!

Easy to use, friendly interface

High Power To Provide Maximum Coverage

Support for upto 50 video users simultaneously!

Fully compatible with 802.11n, a & b standards.

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Great features included with all designs

All our networking design work come with the below packages by default. We pride ourself in providing the best networking service for businesses, in and around kzn.

Quick Setup

99.99% Uptime

Full User Support